Going Back To The Baseline

19 Dec

It’s two days before my “fortyish” birthday, and I feel no excitement… Not because I’m getting older, but because I sense a transition. This transition is not external, but rather internal. I’m not sure of the purpose of this shift, which leaves me frustrated.

I awakened this morning to the revelation that I haven’t been the best ME that HE has created me to BE. I’ve fallen short in areas in which I thought I was whole or complete. There’s nothing like a negative emotion, such as anger, to reveal dark places within that yet require HIS Light. As I was repenting the Holy Spirit spoke this:

“Go back to the Baseline.”

I was a bit taken aback, considering I had no clue what a baseline was. I looked up the definition and learned that the baseline is a basic standard or level. Guidelines. Specific values that serve as a control. I stilled my soul once again, as I listened for clarity from the Holy Ghost concerning this statement. He said this:

“Go back to the Baseline. My Word is your Baseline. My will is your Baseline. My plans are your Baseline. What does my Word say about your peace? What does my Word say about your prosperity? What does my Word say about your understanding? What does my Word say about you possessing Wisdom? My Word is the Standard, and when you find yourself below the Standard in your way of thinking, believing, living, etc., you must remind yourself of the Baseline. Whenever you began to govern yourself contrary to my Word, you must go back to the Baseline.”

So, tonight I’m reminding you to Go Back To The Baseline. When things seem out of whack… When you feel like you’re off  kilter, go back to the Baseline. The Word of God is the Baseline for the Believer, and it possesses treasures in the form of promises, instructions, and Wisdom that, when applied, ensures abundant living – spirit, soul, and body.

A Plethora of Love,



One Response to “Going Back To The Baseline”

  1. K. Shives December 24, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    I commend you for your real life principles. I love to read an author who is transparent. As I read the words I hear repentance and see a sincere heart to serve Him. I also see His unfailing love and guidance for His children. Thank you for sharing.

    K. Shives
    “Destined with Purpose”

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