“And It SHALL Come To Pass…”

30 Dec

I’ve been pressing to maintain focus all week, and I’ve done a pretty good job, but my underlying thoughts have been on what’s to come. Will it happen? WHEN will it happen? Is it going to be like I saw it in my spirit? In my dreams? The deeper question that has been a whisper in my spirit is, “God, can you really turn this around”? I know many won’t admit this, but there are some things that God has shown us that are so RIDICULOUS that we laugh as Sarah did when the Angel of the Lord said that she would bear a child.

As I peeled myself from my bed this morning, I heard the Holy Spirit say the words, “It SHALL be”. There is something powerful in the word, SHALL. It is translated as “definitely will” or “must”. He prompted me to go to Joel 2 (one of my favorite passages in this season of my life). I read it from the beginning, and when I got to verse 23 I began to smile, but the Holy Spirit told me to keep reading. I got to verses 26 & 27, and I understood why. It reads as follows:

26And you SHALL eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord, your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you. And My people SHALL never be put to shame.

27And you SHALL know, understand, and realize that I am in the midst of Israel (ANDREA – feel free to insert your own name) and that I the, Lord, am your God and there is none else. My people SHALL never be put to shame.

He uses the word, SHALL, four times in two verses! How encouraging it is to know that DADDY’S declarations over our lives are definitive! That means that it will definitely happen!

The Holy Spirit took my lesson about the word, SHALL, even deeper… Shall is definitive, which means that it MUST occur. However, SHALL indicates that IT will occur over a period of TIME. There’s that word that we believers despise – TIME. Joel 2 is indicative of restoration and harvest occurring in the Process of TIME.

SEED + TIME = HARVEST          SEED + _______ = HARVEST



What you’ve seen SHALL come to pass in TIME!

A Plethora of Love,



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