The Mansion of Love

23 Jan


Being God’s servant is not always easy, particularly when you’re a single woman. Yes, I said it! It’s my reality. I live it everyday. I live between two extremes:

  1. My desire to please God AND
  2. My desire to please Me through companionship

The balance oftentimes leaves me uncomfortable and unfulfilled. I live this Kingdom life before men who are always watching and secretly scrutinizing my words, my actions, and my deeds. There are times when I want to scream, cry, and complain as others do, but discretion and Wisdom caution me against it. I’m frugal about what I share as it relates to my love-life and my heart, but at the same time, I often want to shout to the world, “Yes, I’ve found Love…. But it didn’t recognize me!”

This morning I awakened with an urgency to speak with my Dad. He is one of the few that I’ve shared, in depth, my heart about love and my life. As he said, “hello,” I immediately began to sob.  His concern and gentleness made me sob even more because that’s one of the many things I miss about marriage. I explained to him what happened over the last few weeks between sobs, as he listened intently. One of the things I love about my Dad, is his impartiality. Although I’m his Baby Girl, he knows and trusts the man my heart cries for is a “good” man. As he began to slowly speak, I pulled out my journal and began to write his Wisdom…

He says to me, “In God’s Kingdom, there are many Mansions. One of them is the Mansion of Love. In the Mansion of Love, there are many rooms. In those rooms, are sometimes several petitions. It’s obvious, your love for this man cannot be housed in just one room, but for him, he has limited you to only one room with many petitions. Recognize where you stand with him. You are not as valuable to him as he is to you. In time, things may change, but until then, walk away. You are not his focus and that’s okay. He believes that he has no place for you in his life right now. He’s mistaken, but that’s okay. You have been blessed with the gifts of “inclusion” and “balance.” You can include him in your world and still balance life, but he cannot, and that’s okay. He doesn’t treat you as a Queen because he doesn’t see you as one, and that’s NOT okay.”

My Dad spent 53 minutes putting some things in perspective for me. He poured out Wisdom- practical and spiritual, gave me scriptures to counter the feelings of loneliness, and then prayed a yoke destroying prayer.

I take this opportunity to share a piece of my Dad with you. Women, if your father is not a present part of your life, I encourage you to allow my Dad to stand as proxy with these words of  Wisdom. Take them. Read them. Meditate on them. Allow them to minister to you.

A Plethora of Love,




One Response to “The Mansion of Love”

  1. K. Shives January 23, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    This is a father with the heart of our Father.

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