Post V-Day Blues <=== No Longer Exist For Me

15 Feb

I must admit, I wasn’t sure how yesterday was going to turn out. I had no date. No plans. Just me…. I had an amazing day! I realized last night that the activities of the day or the lack thereof, weren’t the issue. The issue was and is my emotional position and the perspective from which I view such holidays. Because I was in a place of strength and confidence, I was able to view the day from a totally different perspective – This is a day of Love – Love from my Daddy, Who ALWAYS makes ALL things NEW for me!

I enjoyed reading the tweets and FB posts about people’s day and the time they shared with their Loves. I particularly found the posts from the single men quite interesting. Many of them took yesterday to tell us single girls what they found attractive in a woman. They all had a similar theme – Sweet, Sweet, and Sweet! Men seem to like their women —>SWEET.

This perplexed me a bit because none of them really elaborated on what “sweet” means to them, but the general theme suggested that “sweet” had a lot to do with the WORDS a woman speaks to her man. I can dig it. Words matter. Tone matters. However, the motive behind those WORDS matters more. A Woman can lay candy-coated words on a man all day long, but if the motive behind those words is not purely Love, then all that brother will have is a “Sugar Rush,” which ultimately leads to the “crash & burn”. After that, the Man is seeking his next “Sugar High”….. and possibly not from the same Woman.

It’s women like me, who’s “candy” is wrapped in a somewhat hard outer shell, who the “I need a candy fix” brothers tend to avoid. I’m something like a tootsie roll pop. You can see the soft core in the middle, but you gotta work on me to get to my center. Am I sour or bitter? Not at all, but I am a challenge, and I’m finding that many men, especially those who are post-divorce, aren’t up for a challenge. They want easy, simply because they feel like they worked hard enough in a failed marriage. I understand.

The heart of the matter is that I am who I am, not because of life shaping and molding me, but because “this” is my personality – Loving, yet Strong; Soft, yet firm; Soft, sweet candy, but wrapped in a hard but sweet shell, which requires a brothers effort to get to my core. A little work, but worth every bit of effort. 🙂

I was involved the past two Valentine’s Day. I experienced all of the gifts and amenities and I was dripping with SWEET, but I spent the last two “Love Days” beating up myself for being who I am. This year, I had no one requiring that I give them a “Sugar High” in order for them to feel loved. I had no one expecting me to be someone I’m not on this ONE day. I had no one to crack myself open and reveal myself to, only to find that he wasn’t the ONE and wouldn’t reveal himself to me. I had only me, loving me. Embracing me. Enjoying me. This is where TRUE Love begins.

So, there are no more Post V-Day Blues for me because the Blues came from trying to be someone that I’m not. I’m satisfied with God’s creation – ME. I’m confident that HE also created the proper covering for ME. I’m not late, nor is God. The timing is RIGHT, and We’re on schedule. Those days of having the “Blues” are behind me, and the days of “Blue Skies” are my NOW. Post V-Day blues <=== No Longer Exist For Me.

A Plethora of Love,




4 Responses to “Post V-Day Blues <=== No Longer Exist For Me”

  1. Toni Parker February 15, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    OMG!!!! You have managed to put into words what I have been feeling the last 24 hours. I must admit, I was a little down last night as the day came to an end cause I Love being in Love. But I talked to Daddy and I understand that the people that I have heaped all my love on, never deserved it and never earned it so they could not appreciate it or value it. No more giving my pearls to the swine! I will patiently wait on the Man that God is preparing for me and preparing me for. I won’t have to jump through hoops or be someone I’m not. He’ll love me unconditionaly like Daddy does. Love you Sis. Thanks for the inspiration to keep it moving!!

  2. Jameka February 15, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    This, my Sister, couldn’t have been said better!! This was SO my day yesterday. I had a great day being content with me. The first Valentine’s in a couple years where I had no date and wasn’t hard pressed for one (I had a few offers too). :-D.

    I’m proud of the GROWTH I see in myself! Thanks so much for being transparent and sharing this! Love You Lady!

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