Lessons in Loyalty

6 Apr

Again in prayer, I began to thank GOD for HIS “Lessons in Loyalty”. Many of those lessons, I’ve learned through making mistakes. However, looking back, I see no other way to gain the Wisdom needed for my NOW, than to have missed the mark in being loyal to others or to have trusted those who were disloyal to me. Whew!!! Moment of TRUTH!

Loyalty is a Kingdom word and is not used enough in the church, but in the season that we’re in, the Holy Ghost says that Loyalty or Allegiance is a prerequisite for divine collaboration. There are connections and opportunities for YOU that will come simply because of your Loyalty/Allegiance to others.

All of us have shared things that we probably shouldn’t have shared about others as well as ourselves. We’ve all had someone “roll on us” a time or two, and we’ve all “rolled on” somebody. We’ve all been found less than faithful to those whom we’ve considered ourselves loyal. I’ve learned that there’s nothing like experience and a little notoriety or scandal to determine our loyalty and commitment to another AND to determine how loyal others are to us. I’m reminded of Peter’s denial of Jesus and how before Peter even realized it, he had “rolled on” Jesus by denying his affiliation with HIM; BUT what I love most about this passage of scripture is when Jesus restores Peter back into his rightful place as a disciple, Peter goes on to  become one of the most anointed and LOYAL ministers of the New Testament. I don’t believe this would have been possible unless Peter had learned a Lesson in Loyalty. There was no way Peter could have learned about the faithfulness, forgiving nature, Love, and loyalty of Jesus if he had not denied Him and if Jesus had not restored him through His forgiveness and through His Love and Allegiance to Peter. Peter was able to experience LOYALTY through our LORD and SAVIOR. What a an empowering Lesson!!!

Loyalty is the act of being faithful or committed to another. If you’ve ever been disloyal, or if someone you trust has been disloyal to you, NOW is the time to learn the Lessons in Loyalty. Here are some nuggets that will help you with Loyalty:

  1. Understand a person’s Purpose, Position, and Placement in your life, and respect and appreciate all three.
  2. As you learn about others, or as a person reveals themselves, take whatever concerns you may have to the LORD in prayer or directly to them. Let your LOVE and the desire for the person to be better resound through your fervent prayers for them.
  3. Maintain your loyalty and commitment to others in spite of their disloyalty to you.
  4. If you’ve been disloyal, don’t condemn yourself. Repent, and do your best to rectify the situation, but take responsibility for your actions.
  5. Remember, Disloyalty doesn’t necessarily mean Dismissal. Remember and rate that person’s Purpose, Position, and Placement in your life, and if need be, fight for Agreement and Unity.
  6. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.



2 Responses to “Lessons in Loyalty”

  1. Tiffany April 6, 2011 at 6:13 pm #

    I receive this message and I FORGIVE!!!! Thanks Andrea for THE WORD!

  2. K. Shives April 8, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    A moment of healing for me….. Love it!

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