Believing Is Seeing

4 May

In my mind, I envision Peter walking on water towards Jesus after Jesus had bid him to come. At Jesus’ permission, I can imagine how excited and geeked Peter was to be the first out of the boat and walking on water. However, upon Peter’s approach to our Savior, I think it got a bit overwhelming. It was dark, the wind was strong, and Peter couldn’t see his way. He could only hear Jesus’ voice. Fear and loss of Focus caused Peter to doubt, and he began to sink, BUT Jesus stretched out HIS hand to catch him before he sank.

I kind of felt like Peter this morning. I’m making some moves that I believe the Father has instructed me to make. These moves don’t necessarily make much sense, particularly when I look at my current surroundings. Those things that were once familiar, have now become distant. I’m out here… In this NEW phase of ministry… Once, excited and geeked…. Now, a little fearful and uncertain… What’s behind is too far away for me to see. What’s in front of me seems distant today, but HIS voice is so close! So, I trust what I hear, and I believe that what I’ve seen, I shall see. This morning, I wanted an elaborate and supernatural manifestation of HIS presence to speak to me and tell me how HE was going to carry me through THIS…. But all I heard the Holy Spirit whisper is, “Just believe.”


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