One Word

9 Aug

“One word,” I said.

Give me one word that comes to mind when you think of me.

With eyes filled with passion

And a smile that made me shiver,

He spoke one word earnestly.


“There are few like you,

And I struggle to describe what I see,

but Baby, you have that IT factor that makes a brother like me

Want to BE all that he was created to BE.

It’s not only an outward manifestation of your boldness and beauty,

But it’s your brains, the anointing,

and the way you Love that makes giving you more of me my duty.”

“Give it back to me,” he whispered.

“Give me one word.”

Suddenly, I’m shy,

but I so want to please The man that’s before me who loves me with ease.

“Vintage” was my reply.

An unexpected look came upon his face that made me sigh

Because I knew that one word would have him engulfed.

“Baby, I need more than that one word. Vintage is just not enough.”

“Well actually, it is, and allow me to explain why.

You treat me like a Lady at all times,

never disrespectful towards me on the sly.

Yes, you see and can hang with all the glitz and the glam,

Yet even behind closed doors,

I don’t have to demand your respect because you know who I am.

Your actions towards me are in line with HIS will.

You’re the only man in my life who’s able to fulfill

The purpose that GOD has for you in my life.

It’s HIS Love in you, constant and active,

that prompts dreams of being your wife.

You see, I know of many who would love nothing more than to have this temple to defile,

But Baby you’re “Vintage” because A Man who Loves, honors, and respects his Lady never goes out of style.”


One Response to “One Word”

  1. K. Shives August 9, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    Love it!

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