Dreaming & Living

2 Sep

This came immediately after a dream….

As I awakened from a dream tonight, I was amazed at how vivid and real the dream seemed. I began to consider the way I embrace life, and I realized that for me, life must also be vivid and real…

There are certain scents that I will never forget. To smell those scents, triggers different emotions.

There are things that I’ve touched in my lifetime that I can close my eyes and see, but to describe the feeling of those things on my fingertips, leaves me at a loss for words.

There are spiritual sounds that I’ve heard that quaked and broke up the fallow ground of my foundational teaching and beliefs. These sounds broke barriers and changed my life.

There are words that have been spoken by specific people that still ring in my ears. I can SEE their tone and their mood even now.

There have been experiences of good Lovin’ that I never wanted to end. I can see him now… His eyes, full of gratitude… His shoulders, chocolate and strong… His every move ministering to my love need…

I embrace life in the same manner I embrace my dreams – vividly…and very real…

This is also how I embrace my future. I’m anxious for NEW scents, NEW things to touch, different words to hear, NEW sounds in the spirit, and better Lovin’ that leaves me with one word answers and smiling from ear-to-ear…


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