Whipping the Resistant Ass

19 Jan

Call me “Old Skool”, and if you do, then call me “Bible Old Skool”, but I’m just of the mindset that continuous opposition to something that GOD clearly spoke was mine, is a clear indication that I’m on the right track! Do I enjoy battle? No, but sometimes, it’s necessary. Do I want to fight? Not really, but if that’s what it takes to get my stuff back, then so be it. Bring it on!!!

I say this somewhat jokingly, but the seriousness of the times in which we live, calls for warfare. I don’t know where believers get off thinking that just speaking a word, puts “it” in our hands. Your words create it, yet the enemy will try to oppose what GOD has sanctioned and ordained. Who told you that you wouldn’t have to fight?!? Prayer is fighting. Fasting is fighting. Yielding your heart and will to the plan and will of GOD is fighting. Believing is fighting. Faith is fighting. Forgiving is fighting. Loving is fighting. You WILL fight!!!

As I’ve considered the opposition Joseph, Elijah, Jesus, and others endured because of what GOD said to them and sanctioned them to do, I realized that every promise doesn’t come wrapped in silver and gold, smelling like roses, and riding in on a white horse. Many promises come riding in on asses that leave “stuff” everywhere, stank, and resist the movement of GOD! BUT, these promises yet COME!!!

Today, I crack a whip to the ass of resistance! Resistance and opposition doesn’t mean that you missed GOD or that GOD changed HIS mind…. NO! I stand on the ORIGINAL Word of GOD. I’m not double-minded, and I’m not wavering. My belief and faith are strong. I see clearly. The enemy can try and steal my stuff, but I promise you, he wouldn’t know what to do with it because these promises have been sanctioned and ordained for me! They were tailor-made by my GOD just for me, and I am the key that unleashes THESE manifestations! Thus, as I whip the ass of resistance, I also command it to MOVE and give… me…my…stuff!!!


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