How’s Your VaJayJay?

7 Feb

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way, and that your body may keep well, even as I know your soul keeps well and prospers.” 3 John: 2 Amp

I scheduled my annual “female” exam this month, and I selected a physician who was new to me. My former gynecologist moved. Thus, I had to select a new doctor – Someone new to MY VaJayJay. Yep, I said it – VaJayJay – Vagina – Cat – Coochie! Whatever you choose to call it, I encourage you to take care of it!

When it comes to selecting physicians, I can be very critical. I don’t like to wait for extended periods of time. The area must be clean, and the staff must be professional. After all, it’s hard enough to get women in here, and most women dread being in the stirrups and hearing the word, “Relax”, from a person in a white lab coat who doesn’t know you from the next chick who walks in. If you have to tell me to RELAX when I’m in this position, then something about this is not RIGHT or NATURAL! 🙂

The physician’s assistant/student came in first. She introduced herself, advised me of what was going to take place, and began asking me a series of questions that took about 10 minutes. I recall thinking, “Wow…. She is really thorough!” She then advised me that she was going to present my case to the doctor, which was not much of a case, and they would both be in shortly. She gave me the general instructions to get undressed, put the gown on opened to the front, and cover myself with the huge white “paper towel”. Ladies, you know the routine!

The doctor comes in, introduces herself, shakes my hand, and looks at me for a moment. I stare her in her eyes, and for a moment, we’re silent. She then asks me, “Ms. Holliday, what questions do you have about the gynecological portions of your body?” I was stunned for minute because no one had ever asked me that, not that I had any specific questions, and if I did, I asked them. However, I never had my doctor to ask me that directly. My reply was, “Hmmmm… No one has ever asked me that!” She laughs and says, “Well, it’s your body and your VaJayJay!” She was absolutely right! She completed the exam and asked me some other questions as she was examining me. At the end of the exam, she says to me, “You know, it’s really abnormal to see a 40 yr old woman so NORMAL!” I’ll take that, please and thank you!

Here’s the point: It’s your body and your VaJayJay! Ask questions about it. Go to the doctor! Many of us are afraid to go to the doctor because we don’t want a “negative” report. Being in denial and walking in fear is negative! Go to the doctor! Talk to your doctor about your VaJayJay. If you don’t love your VaJayJay, then I can assure you, NO ONE else will! 🙂

Live Well. Live Whole… And Prosper!



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