Be Strong Enough to Get Low

4 Jan

I’ve quickly become an avid lover of Zumba, thanks to an amazing instructor/trainer, Laneta Anthony. Sometimes, she’s more like a drill sergeant because she’s yelling at me, “Andrea, get lower!!!” I roll my eyes and reply, “I’m low, but I’m taller than you, so it looks like I’m not.” She gives me that threatening look and yells back, “It doesn’t matter! You’re not low enough. Now, GET LOW!” What I realized in Zumba is that it takes a tremendous amount of strength to get low and stay there. After obeying her and doing the exercise properly, I feel the painful result for days, but then I begin to see manifestation…. I’m getting FINE!!!

HUMILITY is the state of being low, and it requires great strength. In our carnal states, it is natural to want to stand tall because we are a proud people and we’re taught that strength is in standing and holding our ground. We’re taught that to humble ourselves signifies our weakness. We’re taught that to be humble is humiliating. However, as I’ve read, studied, and meditated on scriptures about humility, I’ve received the revelation that humility takes great strength and is the sign of someone who will soon be exalted. Humility is a choice, which is why the Word admonishes us to humble OURSELVES. Just as I do in Zumba, we make excuses to GOD of how low we already are, and GOD still admonishes us to get lower. Humility is a sign that we believe that there is ONE greater Who lives within us, and by and through HIS example, we live an exalted and victorious life. Humility is not about feeling low, but is about having the heart and taking on the responsibility of a servant to a KING Who has already given us the keys to HIS Kingdom. Even our risen, exalted, and throned Savior, Jesus, kept the humble heart of a servant. It is through humility that we love one another, although we’re terrified of that love not being returned. It is through HUMILITY that we serve one another without expecting promotion and exaltation from each other, but KNOWING that promotion and exaltation comes from GOD. HUMILITY is NOT a sign of weakness. HUMILITY is for the strong! Can you get LOW and stay there???

1 Peter 5:5b-7

“Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for ‘God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’ Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”


Real MEN, Arise!

28 Dec

There is an attack on families, and the attacker is targeting the heads of households. He’s targeting our Men. Husbands. Single men. Fathers. The goal of Satan is to sever the relationship of the head of household from the family – the wife, the children, your significant other, and the promise of a fruitful and healthy relationship with a woman, thereby making the household weak, vulnerable, and subject to an epic fail.  The attack is on your beliefs, your perspective, your views on relationships, and your communication. It’s subtle, and most of you probably don’t even realize it.

One of the most popular scriptures right now, as it relates to the current state of relationships between men and women, is Isaiah 4:1. It reads:

“And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, “We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by your name, to take away our reproach.”

I marvel at this scripture each time I read it because of its truthful manifestation. This is actually happening. However, there is something else that should be happening but is not. It’s the counter. It’s the fight of the Men of GOD to be peculiar and different from the men of the world. It’s the often struggle to be who GOD says you are – a chosen generation; a royal priesthood. Different. Set apart. Godly. Loving. Committed. Faithful. Loyal. A fighter for the agreement of your household. A fighter for the promised Word manifested in your life. It’s the willingness to be unusually or uncommonly transparent, humble, and wise for the sake of the heritage of your family. Man of GOD, where is your heart? I see you, but I don’t see your heart.

I’ve heard women say that the type of woman referenced in Isaiah 4:1 makes it hard for godly women who refuse to “drink the kool-aid” and succumb to begging and pleading with, who they know to be GOOD but troubled, men for their love. I’ve further heard virtuous and non-desperate women say that they cannot do anymore than what they are doing now to be available to these men, without becoming the woman in Isaiah 4:1. Sadly, I agree. There is nothing more that can be done in the NATURAL that can turn the hearts of the Men of GOD. Relationships are SPIRITUAL connections that are carried out and balanced in the natural. Whenever there is discord, a rift in the connection, or division, it must be repaired in the SPIRIT. The attack is not a NATURAL attack. It’s a SPIRITUAL attack that is manifesting in the natural realm. King David made a costly mistake by choosing to not go to war during the time when kings were supposed to fight. He set himself up to be seduced and drawn in by Bathsheba, although that probably was not her intent. He paid for that with his integrity, his credibility, and his family. Do YOU really want to pay that price?

By the same token, King David realized and accepted that he had given in to the desires that we all have, but he didn’t come to that conclusion without godly correction. Thank GOD for Nathan and his obedience to speak what he heard the Spirit of GOD say. Men of GOD, you NEED a strong man in your life, who will speak Wisdom and correction to you, in spite of your feelings. You NEED a friend who sharpens your countenance by their love, truth, and loyalty.

Everyone wants a solution for what’s happening to our relationships and our families. We want uncommon manifestations, yet no one wants to put forth uncommon effort and BE uncommon! Women, you don’t want to be the woman in Isaiah 4:1? Then, stop talking to the manifestation and start praying for the healing of our men. Prayer and intercession are UNcommon in these times. Men, you desire relationship, but don’t know how to get past what you’re feeling and the desperate women your eyes are seeing? Then, release ALL manner of FEAR and give way to the healing power of GOD, which requires your humility and transparency. Keep in mind that Open Heart Surgery can only be performed when the heart is exposed in a safe and sterile environment. If you’re unwilling to expose it to GOD, then HE cannot heal you. Likewise, if you’re unwilling to expose your heart to love after healing, then you will never have it. The RIGHT exposure is UNcommon.

Jesus declared that every household divided against itself will not stand (Matt. 12:25). Today, I declare by the Spirit of GOD that YOUR house will be a house of prayer and unity because the Spirit of GOD is turning the hearts of kings and turning fathers back to their sons and sons back to their fathers. I declare that the Men of GOD be healed, delivered, and made whole, for this is the heritage of GOD’S people. I declare that they prosper and be in good health as their souls prosper. I declare the LOVE of GOD towards their wives, children, significant others, and their futures be restored 100-fold. I speak strength to obey GOD in the midst of times where obedience is unpopular and uncommon. I speak forth an UNCOMMON remnant of MEN who set the atmosphere for generations to come. “Arise, shine, [Men], for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1Image

This Scene…

5 Dec

My thoughts on the matter?

I just want to scream,

“Lord, awaken me from this part of the dream!”

I have no more emotions to give to this scene.

What’s done is done,

and what GOD said will BE,

yet I haven’t anymore emotions to give to this scene.

I’m speaking the truth, in LOVE,

and I’m not being mean.

I refuse to sacrifice my anointing, creativity, and integrity

just to be a part of the team.

I’ve come too far, and I won’t turn back now

just because I’ve grown weary of this redundant scene.

No rewind. No pause. Only fast forward and play.

I’m keeping it moving to the Promised Thing,

for I haven’t anymore emotions to give to this scene.

The characters in this scene may be a part of the victorious ending I’ve seen,

but I haven’t anymore emotions to give to this scene.

And so, I keep it moving….

On the Help of the Holy Spirit, I lean.

Because of HIS power, I no longer desire acceptance…

It’s the Promise, I feign.

And I haven’t anymore emotions to give to this scene.

The Besties

3 Sep


Dreaming & Living

2 Sep

This came immediately after a dream….

As I awakened from a dream tonight, I was amazed at how vivid and real the dream seemed. I began to consider the way I embrace life, and I realized that for me, life must also be vivid and real…

There are certain scents that I will never forget. To smell those scents, triggers different emotions.

There are things that I’ve touched in my lifetime that I can close my eyes and see, but to describe the feeling of those things on my fingertips, leaves me at a loss for words.

There are spiritual sounds that I’ve heard that quaked and broke up the fallow ground of my foundational teaching and beliefs. These sounds broke barriers and changed my life.

There are words that have been spoken by specific people that still ring in my ears. I can SEE their tone and their mood even now.

There have been experiences of good Lovin’ that I never wanted to end. I can see him now… His eyes, full of gratitude… His shoulders, chocolate and strong… His every move ministering to my love need…

I embrace life in the same manner I embrace my dreams – vividly…and very real…

This is also how I embrace my future. I’m anxious for NEW scents, NEW things to touch, different words to hear, NEW sounds in the spirit, and better Lovin’ that leaves me with one word answers and smiling from ear-to-ear…

One Word

9 Aug

“One word,” I said.

Give me one word that comes to mind when you think of me.

With eyes filled with passion

And a smile that made me shiver,

He spoke one word earnestly.


“There are few like you,

And I struggle to describe what I see,

but Baby, you have that IT factor that makes a brother like me

Want to BE all that he was created to BE.

It’s not only an outward manifestation of your boldness and beauty,

But it’s your brains, the anointing,

and the way you Love that makes giving you more of me my duty.”

“Give it back to me,” he whispered.

“Give me one word.”

Suddenly, I’m shy,

but I so want to please The man that’s before me who loves me with ease.

“Vintage” was my reply.

An unexpected look came upon his face that made me sigh

Because I knew that one word would have him engulfed.

“Baby, I need more than that one word. Vintage is just not enough.”

“Well actually, it is, and allow me to explain why.

You treat me like a Lady at all times,

never disrespectful towards me on the sly.

Yes, you see and can hang with all the glitz and the glam,

Yet even behind closed doors,

I don’t have to demand your respect because you know who I am.

Your actions towards me are in line with HIS will.

You’re the only man in my life who’s able to fulfill

The purpose that GOD has for you in my life.

It’s HIS Love in you, constant and active,

that prompts dreams of being your wife.

You see, I know of many who would love nothing more than to have this temple to defile,

But Baby you’re “Vintage” because A Man who Loves, honors, and respects his Lady never goes out of style.”

The Quiet Storm: Unspoken WORDS

4 Jul

Like cumulus clouds that are destined to burst forth with rain,

your WORDS are like them,

A conversational STORM that never came.

As I await the coming of your rain

(the conversation we have yet to have),

I think of the former rain,

your WORDS that made me laugh…

cry… moan… and grow….

This latter rain is necessary for where WE must GO.

Rain on me, Baby,

and put this drought to an end.

Shower me with your WORDS.

Make my dry places your friend.